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6 Essential Nutrients For Your Child's Brain And The Super Foods That Have Them


6 essential nutrients

There are 6 essential nutrients for brain development.

The 6 nutrients are (1) Taurine, (2) Magnesium, (3) Zinc, (4) B12, (5) Iodine and (6) Poly-unsaturated fatty acids. 

6 essential nutrients for your child's brain

Super Foods For Your Child's Brain

We researched foods that contain these nutrients and found that there are certain foods that carry significant amounts of many of these 6 essential nutrients.

These are the ten super foods for your child's brain.

 mackerel parenting journal

Mackerel and Salmon are oily fish that contain 50% of the essential nutrients for your child's brain


  • Salmon (contains Taurine, B12 and Poly-unsaturated fatty acids)
  • Mackerel (contains Magnesium, B12, and Poly-unsaturated fatty acids)

shellfish parenting journal

Shellfish contain half of the 6 essential nutrients for brain development


  • Crab, Krill, Scallops (contains Taurine, Zinc, and Iodine)

grass fed beef parenting journal

Grass fed beef (the natural food for cows) contains higher amounts of essential nutrients for your child's bran than grain fed beef


  • Beef (grass fed) (contain Taurine, Zinc, B12, and Poly-unsaturated fatty acids)
  • Lamb (contain Taurine, Zinc, B12, and Poly-unsaturated fatty acids)


  • Egg Yolks that are free range or eat grass (contain Taurine, Iodine, and Poly-unsaturated fatty acids)


  • Dark Leafy Greens like Kale, Spinach, Swiss chard (contain Magnesium)

legumes parenting journalPlant pods contain the essential nutrient magnesium

Legumes (think pods!)

  • Lentils (contain Magnesium)
  • Peanuts (contain Magnesium)

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain two of the essential nutrients for the brain


  • Pumpkin Seeds (contain Magnesium and Zinc)
  • Chia Seeds (contain Poly-unsaturated fatty acids)
  • Wheatgerm (contains Zinc)

seaweed the parenting journal

Seaweed contains every essential nutrient for our human brain development


  • Seaweed contains ALL 6 essential nutrients for the brain!  Who knew?? Scientists believe that we used to live off seaweed way back in the day... 

How To Cook These Brain Super Foods? Try These Recipes....

super brain food recipes

5 Family Friendly Recipes With Super Brain Foods

1. Salmon With Guacamole

  • Contains half of the six essential nutrients (1) Taurine (2) Vitamin B12 and (3) Poly-unsaturated fats

2. Lentils By Annabel Karmel - can make it without pureeing 

  • Contains Magnesium

3. Salmon and Egg Frittata - can use minced salmon and omit tarragon leaves if desired

  • Contains 4 of the 6 essential brain nutrients (1) Taurine (2) Iodine (3) Vitamin B-12 and (4) Poly-saturated fats

4. Seaweed and Pumpkin Seed Snack - can use whatever types of seaweed and seeds you prefer

  • Contains all 6 essential brain nutrients

5. Shrimp Fried Rice - you can add cauliflower and diced dark leafy greens

  • Contains Taurine, Zinc and Iodine.  If you add the leafy greens, it will also contain Magnesium!

 super foods for your child's brain

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