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What Are Parenting Styles?

Parenting Journal Parenting Styles


Parenting styles = how parents (1) respond and (2) demand to their children. (Wikipedia)

Parenting Types Include:


Easy Going





Parenting Style Winner?

Based on science - it's authoritative/supportive parenting.

Authoritarian and Supportive Parenting Win!

Why is Authoritative/Supportive Parenting The Winner?

Children whose parents use authoritative/supportive parenting styles enjoy the following characteristics later in life:

  • high salaries
  • academic success
  • less stress
  • have high social skills
  • high levels of happiness

Authoritarian Parenting Style Makes Happy Children

 Key Authoritative/Supportive Parenting Characteristics:

  1. High Interest shown in your child
  2. High Trust in your child
  3. Clear Consistent Limits/Rules, allow freedom to explore/create within these boundaries
  4. High Independence given to your child
  5. Lots of time spent with your child 
  6. Consistent/measured punishments (NEVER violent) OR allow the consequences to happen/discuss them with your child
  • Quality vs. Quantity of time spent.  Being present and supportive/authoritarian in your time spent together is more valuable than more time but not being present/supportive/interested.

Parenting Types That Do NOT Product The Happiest Children? 

Sad Parenting types


Low levels of independence, medium-to-high levels of trust, strict or fairly strict, medium-to-high levels of interest shown in child, many rules


High or average levels of trust, not strict at all, time spent together is average or longer than average


Low levels of interest shown in child, not strict at all, small amount of time spent together, few rules


Low levels of interest shown in child, low levels of independence, low levels of trust, strict

 Sources: Kobe University's Study and Wikipedia

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