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Hi Parents and Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles and all lovers of dear little ones!

The Parenting Journal exists to make it easier to be a better parent in today's busy busy world.  

"The Parenting Journal is like TheSkimm for parenting!" Amanda F., busy Mom of 1. 

You don't have time to read every parenting book and latest scientific study on human development? Of course, not - you're raising lil' ones! That's why we're here.

Everyday, scientific research on childhood development is published. 

We live in a bright age where we know more about childhood development than humanity has ever known before.  That's great and all, but who has time to read it and figure out how to implement it?

As a busy parent, do you have time to read hundreds of scientific studies published on the wellbeing of your child every single day? Of course not! You are extremely busy with your family, work, and managing your household.  Enter The Parenting Journal to bridge this gap.  

1.  The Parenting Journal researches every day:

  • the latest scientific studies on childhood development and human behavior
  • children psychologists' findings
  • parenting experts' findings
  • university courses on human development

2. The Parenting Journal delivers an email weekdays to you that shares with you: actionable parenting advice based on the latest research that is very quick to read and easy to understand. Emails are very short because we know that you are very busy.

3. The result? Give us 1 minute a day and you will become an even better parent today and raise happier children.

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Join the hundreds of parents who read us each weekday, love the actionable parenting advice, and are becoming better parents every day.

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Don't have time to read all the parenting books? That's why we're here.

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