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The Parenting Journal: Our Mission

The Parenting Journal exists to make it easier to be a better parent in today's busy busy world.

The Parenting Journal researches the latest scientific studies and experts' findings and creates actionable parenting advice.  It delivers this advice in attractive, easy to digest formats on social media and weekday emails.  

We live in a bright age where we know more about childhood and human development than we have ever known before.  Everyday, hundreds of scientific studies are published on human behaviors and childhood development that we have access to because of the amazing state of our technology.

Yet, parents are super busy and do not have time to read the latest findings nor develop actionable items based on these findings to raise happier children, have happier families and ultimately contribute to building a better, healthier society.

Enter The Parenting Journal to bridge this gap. 

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The Parenting Journal Weekday Note

"The Parenting Journal is like TheSkimm for parenting!" Amanda F., busy Mom of 1

At The Parenting Journal we research the latest scientific studies and experts' findings and create information for parents that is easy to understand and easy to do.  Every weekday, The Parenting Journal delivers a very short note (because parents are very busy) with actionable parenting advice based on the latest findings.  

The result? Parents become even better parents today.

Our email list is growing 8% week on week and we are getting a lot of love from parents all over the world, predominantly in the United States and Hong Kong.

The Parenting Journal weekday email was launched in February 2017.  The audience is parents aged 24-44 of children 0-6 years of age.  

The Parenting Journal Facebook Page

"This is such a fantastic resource. Almost everyone I know is pregnant at the moment and this will be the first piece of "advice" I share-to read these astutely curated pieces!"

Allie H., busy Mom of 1 and Learning Specialist

@TheParentingJournal has almost 10K followers (not just likes) from parents predominantly in the United States and Hong Kong.  It launched in September 2016.

Followers are mothers ages 24-44 years of age who have children aged 0-6.  For more on demographics, please contact us. 

@TheParentingJournal shares daily curated content on childhood development based on the latest scientific findings as well as our content created on our blog.  

Our Founder, Allie Wieser

allie wieser with her husband and three children

Alicia Wieser, founder of The Parenting Journal, says: "I believe parents everywhere can be even better parents and raise happier, more successful children if they were just better informed." 

Wieser, mom of 3, knows first hand that moms are super busy.  Wieser says, "As moms of young children, we are in survival mode.  We do not have time to be reading this incredibly illuminating and edifying scientific research that is being published daily now on childhood brain development.  Yet it is critical to our children's success that we know it.  The Parenting Journal bridges this gap - we research the latest scientific research, parenting books and expert's findings and share actionable items with moms.  What's more? We make sure our emails are very short - 1 minute to read and snazzy - so moms can actually fit the 1 minute read into their daily schedule."

Wieser is a social entrepreneur and a mom of three children.  Her children are Cooper Elliott (5 years old), Adriana Bonilla (3 years old), and Nash Emory (1 years old).  

Wieser grew up in San Antonio, Texas and is married to her college sweetheart.  She resides currently in Hong Kong with her family as expats.  Previously, Wieser worked in investment banking in New York City.

Wieser graduated from Princeton University in 2007 with a degree in Classics and a certificate in Finance with a mathematical focus.  

Potential Partnerships

The Parenting Journal is open to collaborating with brands and organizations that (1) make good parenting easier and (2) promote healthy childhood development.

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