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The Parenting Journal Podcast: Work and Parenting Balance - an Interview With Daisy Dowling - Podcast Notes

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"Go for it." Daisy Dowling's advice to her pregnant self on taking on a high pressure new career opportunity

daisy dowling

Work and parenting balance.  It’s a concept with which families struggle everywhere yet concrete, actionable advice that works to promote your career and at the same time is optimal for your family and for your children is elusive.  

Often we receive generic, unhelpful and frankly detrimental advice like “it’s not easy”, “reset your career goals” or “try telecommuting” and this advice is so unhelpful that we keep asking - is it possible to have it all?

Daisy Dowling says yes.  She has actionable advice on the work and parenting balance parenting balance that she has determined after putting a scientific approach to the situation.  She has over a decade of experience working with real parents and real work and parenting situations in the most high pressure financial environments to figure out and implement what works. Daisy is a mom of 2 young children and lives in New York City.  

In this episode we cover:

  • How to achieve balance between work and parenting
  • 3 of the biggest mistakes working parents make that prevents them from achieving balance
  • How to talk to your superiors about career goals
  • How to frame your work to superiors so you position yourself to be promoted (and not punished in the workplace for being a parent)
  • The best resources for working parents
  • and much, much more

More on Daisy Dowling

Daisy has 20+ years of experience working with high pressure finance firms including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Blackstone to coach working parents on how to manage work and parenting balance.  

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Daisy is Founder and CEO of Workparent, a specialty consulting firm that provides practical, commercial advice and solutions to working parents and to organizations that employ them. (For ideas on how your company can support working parents, take a look at my recent HBR article: She is an executive, advisor, author, teacher, and speaker who has focused my career on helping organizations drive commercial results through their people, and on helping individuals succeed at and advance within high-performance environments. 

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