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The Parenting Journal Podcasts

Episode 1: How To Use Empathy To Modify Your Child's Behavior

An interview with Matt Heinz, dad of 3, husband, best selling author and nationally recognized marketing expert.  See show notes here.  

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Episode 2: How To Use Comedy To Make Parenting Better

An interview with Dawn Dais, mom of 2, best selling author and comedian.  See show notes here.    

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Episode 3: How To Cook More Nutritiously For Your Family Quickly, Easily and Cheaply 

An interview with Dr. Maya Adam, mom of 3, professor of child health at Stanford's School of Medicine.  See show notes here

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Episode 4: How To Achieve Work and Parenting Balance

An interview with Daisy Dowling, mom of 2, expert in coaching others to achieve work and parenting balance.  See show notes here.  

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Episode 5: How To Ask Questions And Listen Better To Your Child

An interview with Frank Sesno, dad of 3, Emmy award winning journalist and an expert on asking questions.  See show notes here.  

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Episode 6: How To Raise Good Kids

An interview with Dr. Gustavo Carlo, specialist in raising moral and pro-social human beings.  See show notes here.  

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