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Making it easier to be a better parent in today's busy busy world. 

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Are you a busy parent? I know. I'm one too, a mom of 3.  This is why I've created The Parenting Journal.  It's for you, a busy parent ;) Based on science. No fluff. Quick to read. It's fun too!

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the parenting journal

Join the hundreds of parents who read us each weekday.  Don't miss out on becoming an even better parent for free.

Meet Allie Wieser

"I know firsthand how busy life is as a parent.  You do not have time to read all the latest scientific studies on childhood development or latest experts' findings on modifying behaviors or all the parenting books.  Yet these findings are critical to raising healthy, happier and more successful children.

I created The Parenting Journal to bridge this gap. We research the latest scientific studies and share with you, a busy parent, actionable, quick to read parenting advice based on them. 

We live in a bright age where we know more about childhood development than we ever have known.  Research on childhood development and human behaviors has exploded over the past ten years.  We now know that the best way to raise human beings is very different than the way many of our parents raised us."  

Allie is a San Antonio native, a mom of 3 and married to her college sweetheart.  Read more about Allie now here

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The Parenting Journal Podcast

How To Use Empathy To Be A Better Parent: An interview with dad of 3, bestselling author and marketing guru - Matt Heinz

"Empathy and affection have helped me break down the potential challenges the kids are facing and get on their level and make things okay.” 

Matt continues pointedly, 

"It’s easy to forget that the world we live in is scary us as adults who know things let alone these kids who have never been through it."....

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