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Meet Allie, Our Founder

Allie, mom of 3, founded The Parenting Journal.  Allie grew up in San Antonio, Texas loving University of Texas football, the San Antonio Spurs and country music.  She left the great state of Texas to attend Princeton University in New Jersey, where she majored in Classics and minored in Finance.

meet allie wieser

When she decided to go "up north" to college her uncles asked if "they even wore pads up there to play football" and her Nana and her mother were concerned she would marry a "northern" boy and never return home.  Well, she did marry a "northern" boy, her college sweetheart, and after living in New York City, where Allie was an investment banker, she and her husband moved to Asia in 2008 for work.  She and her husband now reside in Hong Kong and have three children: Cooper, 5 years old, Adriana, 3 years old, and Nash, 1 year old.  Luckily, grandparents come visit quite often!  But Allie dearly misses her Nana in San Antonio.  

Allie knows firsthand that it's incredibly difficult to read all the parenting books, all the latest scientific studies on childhood development, and follow all the parenting experts latest conclusions while raising children.  At the sametime, it is critical that parents learn the latest research to raise more successful and happier children.  She created The Parenting Journal to bridge this gap.

allie wieser

We live in a bright age where information is more readily available on parenting and childhood development than the world has ever seen. Moreover, scientific research on childhood development has exploded over the last 10 years.  This research is teaching us more about brain development and behavioral development than humanity has ever known.  The Parenting Journal researches all of the latest scientific studies and shares actionable parenting advice with you - that's also quick to read and easy to understand because you are busy!

allie wieser

Allie started sharing actionable advice on the latest scientific studies with her mama friends... and they really liked it and found it helpful.  So she expanded to share it with you and subsequently founded The Parenting Journal.

teddy wieser

She knows first hand that parenting can be incredibly hard and lonely.  

She wants you to know that you are not alone and that every mom and dad struggle with similar concepts.  If you have questions, please ask - nothing is off limits - postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding woes, relationship stresses... let's get talking!

She wants you to know - you're normal and you're doing a great job! 

She hopes The Parenting Journal helps parents be better informed and helps children grow happier and lead more successful lives.   

To you, Dear Parent,

Allie and The Parenting Journal Team

If you have any questions or comments you can reach her anytime at

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