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2 Reasons Why Breastfed Babies Are Smarter


2 Reasons Why Breastfed Babies Are So Smart

Interestingly, in a scientific study there were 2 Factors shown to boost your baby's IQ that were found studying breastfed babies..

What's special? These 2 Factors do not include actual breastfeeding.

What are the 2 Factors that boost your child's IQ?

1. Read aloud to your child every day from 9 months on.

2. Respond to your child's emotional IQs.

Why So Great? Anyone taking care of your child can read to him and respond to emotional IQs. It doesn't have to be just the mother!

That said, it may be that mothers' who breastfeed spend more time with their children and in turn, learn how to respond better to their children's emotional IQs.... perhaps consistency in care is a factor.... that's for another study...

why breastfed babies have higher iqs 

Source: Brigham Young University's Breastfeeding, Parenting, and Early Cognitive Development.

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