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Why The Parenting Journal

Dear Mama,

We are over the moon to bring you The Parenting Journal that delivers a free parenting tip (that's as easy to digest as molton chocolate cake) directly to your inbox every weekday. 

the parenting journal it takes a village to raise a child

Here's why we are doing it:

We live in a bright age where information is more accessible than ever before in history.

  • The results of the latest scientific studies can be shared instantly across the world.  
  • Educational courses are offered digitally and accessible anywhere there is internet.

Recent scientific findings shed light on childhood development like humans have never known before.

At the same time, it's a busy busy world.

  • We all do not have time to read parenting books, access the latest scientific research on the brain development, healthcare, and education, listen to parenting and childcare experts, take relevant childcare and healthy eating courses, and the list of information out there goes on... 

We want to help you.

  • We feel strongly that parents would have a better experience parenting and children would have a better experience growing if parents were better informed.

It takes a village to raise a child. We want to be a part of yours. We are making it easier for you to be a better parent in today's busy busy world.  Join us today and sign up for our daily parenting tip newsletter today.

It's easy. It's free. Become a better parent today. 

To you, Mama,

Allie, Founder, The Parenting Journal


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