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The Best Cookbooks For Your Family

Dr. Maya Adam, specialist in child health from Stanford's School Of Medicine, shares her favorite cookbooks for healthy family cooking.    Dr. Maya Adam is a mom of three children ages 12, 9, and 7.

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dr. maya adam

Most recommended books to teach ourselves about child nutrition and healthy family eating...

Dr. Maya Adam says:

My favorite books are cookbooks. You can read about healthy cooking until the cows come home. Until you actually feel inspired to make something and ideally make it – if you have older children that can help, make it with them. When you as a family flip through a beautiful cookbook, you can’t help but start to get excited about trying things out.

So what are Dr. Adam's favorite cookbooks?


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1. Jerusalem by Ottolenghi and Tamimi and any of the books by Bill Granger.

Dr. Maya Adam says, "This is a beautiful cookbook by a couple, one of them is Israeli and the other one is Palestinian.  They write the most beautiful books together on very Mediterranean style, healthy, delicious meals."

bill granger

2. Bill Granger's cookbooks.

Dr. Maya Adam says, "Bill Granger wrote some wonderful, simple simple meals. You can change them. You don’t have to follow the recipes. You can add more fruits and vegetables and things, but the concept is simple, beautiful foods."

Jamie Oliver

3. Jamie Oliver's cookbooks

Dr. Maya Adam says, "Jamie Oliver does very simple inspirational cooking."

More About Dr. Maya Adam

Dr. Adam also has a non profit Just Cook Kids where she also shares great tips and recipes for making healthy cooking easy!Dr. Maya Adam currently is in South Africa leading an effort to teach mothers about child health and nutrition using engaging videos delivered to mothers in their homes on tablets.  You can see more about her initiative called Digital Medic here.  

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