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The Parenting Journal Podcast: How To Use Empathy To Modify Your Child's Behavior - Shownotes

empathy podcast

Listen to and/or download the podcast on itunes here or for non ios software here.

What you'll learn in this podcast:

  • How to use empathy to get your kids to modify behavior
  • How to use marketing techniques to help your children resolve conflicts
  • Matt's advice to first time dads
  • Matt's most recommended parenting resource
  • Matt's go to activities with the children
  • Why spending 10 minutes a day with your children matters
  • Matt's favorite children's books
  • How easy it is to make bacon.... seriously!

About Matt Heinz

Matt is dad to three: Clara is 8, Nicky is 6 and Evan is 3 years old.  He lives on a farm in Kirkland, Washington, just outside of Seattle with his children and wife, Beth.  Beth is a teacher, a reading and math specialist for children from kindergarten to grade 6.

In addition to being a dad, Matt is also a nationally recognized sales and marketing expert. He is a best selling author and included in numerous lists of the top 50 most influential marketing and sales experts in the USA.

When I first heard Matt interviewed, he was asked about his fantastic wood carvings on his farm and his darling children he showcased on social media. He replied, "well you know, what goes on social media is only the top 5% of real life happenings!"  Isn't that so true? The reality is that so much of parenting is not shared in our virtual realities, like 95% of it. 

Matt Heinz and his kids

Matt's Books:

Matt's website Heinz Marketing

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