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The Parenting Journal Podcast: How To Cook Healthily For Your Family and How To Do It Quickly, Easily and Cheaply

how to make nutritious home cooking easy quick and cheap"The ability to feed our offspring is one of the most fundamental human skills, one of the things that makes us human" - Dr. Maya Adam

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Today I am super excited to sit down with Dr. Maya Adam.  Maya is a doctor with Stanford’s school of medicine where she specializes in Child health. 

She is revolutionizing the education industry by making her teachings on child health both free and engaging. 

Her first free online course was Stanford’s Child Nutrition and Cooking course - this is the course in which I first encountered Maya. This course has now had over 500,000 people take it around the world.

In addition, Maya has a non-profit Just Cook For Kids that creates and shares educational videos on healthy eating and cooking for families. Before attending medical school, Maya was a professional ballet dancer tor ten years at the State Theater of Saxony in Germany.

 Maya is a mother of 3 children, ages 12, 9 and 7 years of age.  She is currently spending a year in South Africa with her family where she is pioneering an initiative to educate mothers on child nutrition by utilizing community health workers ( a network of women who are part of the community and visit expecting mothers and families during the postpartum period to do health checks at their home) and giving these community health workers  armed with Samsung tablets full of engaging and entertaining videos on maternal nutrition and child health and nutrition to combat maternal and infant mortality and help these children lead healthier lives.

In this podcast we cover:

  • The biggest mistake we make when thinking about cooking healthily for our family
  • How to make cooking healthily easy
  • How to make cooking healthily quick
  • How to make cooking healthily cheap
  • The key principles of making a nutritious meal
  • The best resources for parents to teach themselves about cooking healthily
  • Why "it's better to be real than perfect" (Maya's mother's advice)
  • and much much more...

**Note: We begin by discussing her work in educating mothers and families on child nutrition to get to how you can cook more easily, quickly and cheaply go to spot 10:45 in the interview and listen through the end.  

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More About Dr. Maya Adam

Check out her free courses on Coursera:

Check out her Youtube channel

See her non profit Just Cook Kids where she also shares great tips and recipes for making healthy cooking easy!

Dr. Maya Adam currently is in South Africa leading an effort to teach mothers about child health and nutrition using engaging videos delivered to mothers in their homes on tablets.  You can see more about her initiative called Digital Medic here.  

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