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Why Is Parenting Hard?

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It Takes a Village'

Dear Mama,

Parenting can be so hard.  I strongly believe the major reason parenting seems so hard today in the modern world is because of the nature of our living accommodations. 

Humans - for survival reasons - are meant to live in clans.  We are social creatures.  

When we have babies, we evolved to have family and community around us.  Maternal mortality was (and still is in the developing world) very high in natural childbirth.  Often, the community (the clan) would need to help raise the motherless baby. 

The proverb "it takes a village", while origins are debated, "means that it takes an entire community to raise a child." 

What can you do?


  • Asking for help with the kids when you need it.  It's normal.
  • Telling your partner you need extra help - cite that we are supposed to be in clans!
  • Take time for yourself.  You need it to be a better Mama.
  • Acknowledge postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety if you need.  It can take many different forms - high anxiety to depression to indifference.  Don't fear. Get help. It's normal. :)
  • Join a neighborhood baby community or church etc community.  
  • Join an online moms group. 
  • For a laugh - read Dawn Dais' humorous book on the first year of parenthood.

We're here for you anytime too.  Do you have any particular questions? Email Allie at or reach out on our Facebook page.  

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