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Your child: why we need to ask what's the source?

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What's the source?
I was excited to read an article titled "Research Says: Leave the Kids, Take a Trip" as we are super into reading scientific research on parenting and childhood development over here....

Also, I'd love a scientific reason to take an adult only trip.

Alas, the author quotes research from Travelocity to prove her point.  Why does this matter? Because Travelocity (the source) is a travel company, seeking to promote people to travel.  It's inherently biased advice and thus the arguments for why we should take an adult only trip are suspicious.

This is why we look at the sources behind the research we share with you and hold a scientific rigor to what we forward on to you. 

That said, anecdotally, adult only trips seem very important for our health and relationships, but unbiased scientific research to prove it has yet to be done...

It's important to ask - and we as parents are entitled to ask - "what's the source?" regarding our children.  By asking this question in our child's education, we can, for example, be aware of how teachers are trained, what biases there are in our children's learning materials, and how discipline in the classroom is carried out.  The same goes for food sources... etc etc.

For more on diagnostic questioning, listen to our interview with question expert and dad of 3, Frank Sesno.


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